Our Founder

Fresh Pickle is the brainchild of our founder, Lee. An avid (but mediocre) tennis player, she often spent more time shopping for tennis clothes and accessories than practicing her serves (😊)! When she took up Pickleball in 2022, one of the first accessories she searched for was a pickleball bag that met her requirements of both style and function. The idea for Fresh Pickle was born!

Lee has three grown children and a wonderful husband and lives in Charlotte, NC. A two-time cancer survivor, Lee is constantly reminded of the joys that life brings, never to take yourself too seriously, strive to develop lasting relationships, and choose to do something that you love. Fresh Pickle has been a labor of love and it is her/our hope that our products will bring smiles to the faces of anyone who loves to play pickleball!

Meet the Dogs of Fresh Pickle

At Fresh Pickle, we LOVE dogs and each of our products is named after a well-loved pooch of one of our staff or family members. Just like dogs, we hope that each Fresh Pickle product purchased brings the owner joy!

Dogs of Fresh Pickle


Our owner Lee's beloved goldendoodle, and the namesake of our bestselling Lola Tote. Lola is 13 years young, loves walks and long naps.

Dogs of Fresh Pickle


The namesake of our Teddi backpacks, our customer service manager, Rachael, has this sweet mini-labradoodle!

Dogs of Fresh Pickle


Meet Ozzie, our design team's rescue pup from Austin, TX with a heart of gold. He is a mama's boy who loves tennis balls, sniffs, and a good cuddle.

Dogs of Fresh Pickle


2007-2023 Forest was the perfect partner for our wholesale manager, Virginia, and her family. Sadly they lost Forest in 2023, but he lives on in their memories.